What We Do

Outreach Youth Work

Our detached programmes take our services out into the community, helping to build trust with young people on their terms.


Our Process for Mentoring Young People

The mentoring schemes we offer help young people to develop the skills to make changes in their lives and successfully deal with their issues.


Supporting Young People With Drug, Alcohol and Substance Misuse Issues

By providing alternatives and de-normalising the risky behaviour associated with substance misuse, we help young people reduce their dependency.


Preparing Young People for Job Seeking

Our schemes help young people build the skills, confidence and self-esteem they need to get started with jobseeking.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support for Young People

We work to improve understanding of mental health issues, provide on-site support and help with accessing specialist services.


Supporting Young Homeless People in Oxfordshire

Young people face homelessness for many reasons. We help to resolve issues, change behaviour and move into accommodation.